Joan as Police Woman+Metric+Holly Miranda


Joan Wasser’s work as Joan as Policewoman is a great example of an artist using “understated” to her advantage. While Wasser is renowned for her work as a collaborator, over two albums (plus an online-only covers set) as Joan as Police Woman, she’s discovered a means of channeling influences as disparate as Nina Simone, Sinead O’Connor, and Jon Brion into music that’s as challenging to her as it is to the listener. Maybe there isn’t a single here, but that doesn’t matter when it’s as quietly, intensely powerful as this material can be. This show is part of Celebrate Brooklyn and also features Holly Miranda—her hazy, soft-toned Magician’s Private Library has been slept on a bit—and the shadowy electro pop of Metric.

Thu., Aug. 5, 7 p.m., 2010