Adam Lambert vs. Clay Aiken: A Tale of Two Coming Outs


Adam Lambert is all over the place with his hit record, so I honestly don’t think coming out got in the way of his making a huge splash at all.

If anything, it added to it, and there are plenty of girls who can still crush on him even though they know he’s hugely “that way.”

Furthermore, young boys can do so, too!

But to me, the best thing about Adam’s coming out is that he did it pretty early in the game–right after being booted off American Idol.

This way, his fans know the truth right off the bat, and they’re with him and he can build a nice, long career with them sans distrust or pretense.

Clay Aiken, on the other hand, waited to come out till he was on the way down and needed a boost.

By that point, his fan base was clogged with a lot of denialists who clung to the idea that he was straight, egged on by the fact that Clay didn’t want to say anything to the contrary.

By the time he said something, his diminishing base got smaller because the haters acted out of homophobia and abandoned the gay ship.

I wish both singers well, but I feel Adam had the better plan.

And hair!