The Fiery Furnaces


OMG, it’s TFF’SOFRNRSDP. That’s the fucking fantastic acronym the Fiery Furnaces’ Web site employs to describe their round of summer tour dates. Translating to “The Fiery Furnaces’ Old-Fashioned Rock-N-Roll Summer Dance Party,” the cheeky, rickety, and kinda brilliantly sideways duo goes on to describe the shows as “30 songs in…more than 30 minutes!” This shouldn’t be a surprise; Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger never seem to want anything more than to get to the next lyric, note, lick, or joke. Expect material from all over the map of their nine albums, but not white balloons dropped from the ceiling—because the TFF’SOFRNRSDP Web post says there won’t be any of that shit. With John Mulaney.

Thu., June 24, 9 p.m., 2010