Frog Eyes+Beach Fossils+Pearly Gate Music


Vancouver indie-prog outfit Frog Eyes are basically the new Rush. Who else in Canada is writing such frenetic guitar ballads, full of crazed drumming and vocalist Cary Mercer’s Springsteen-as-Geddy-Lee imitation, not to mention lyrics that decry “and the glory of the economy, is when your dwarf shall become a man . . . hit him in the fucking knees!”? New album Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph pitches the band at their most prolific and their most accessible, thanks to frequent burn-down-the-bar mitzvah-organ solos and Mercer’s quavering death cries. In a perfect world, they’d sell out the Garden. Tonight, enjoy them at the Mercury Lounge at your leisure. With Beach Fossils, Pearly Gates Music.

Sat., June 19, 8:30 p.m., 2010