Sigourney Weaver Attacks The Oscars


Avatar co-star Sigourney Weaver has said in an interview that James Cameron would have won the Oscar for Best Director–except “he didn’t have breasts.”

This is outrageous!

If the Oscars were simply making a statement by declaring the first woman Best Director, then I guess the Directors Guild, New York Film Critics, and tons of other organizations were too!

And if the Oscars simply wanted to crown someone with boobs Best Director, it’s weird that they named Hurt Locker Best Picture as well (and Best Screenplay–which was written by a man–and three other trophies on top of that)!

The whole interview is crazy talk coming from Sigourney, who last time I looked had tatas herself.

And it’s reminiscent of the nattering back when Obama was running for President and pundits like Geraldine Ferraro were saying “He only got this far because he’s black!”

Oh, yeah, that really gives you extra points in our society.

I love when the world beats you down as a people–whether we’re talking black, gay, women, or whatever–and then when you finally are tossed some commendation by the big guys, people say, “They only got it because they’re black, gay, women, or whatever!”