Portland’s Yacht released one of last year’s most appealing dance records in See Mystery Lights, an arty meditation on the prospect of extraterrestrial existence with plenty of room for party-starting disco-punk grooves (also: “I’m in Love With a Ripper,” as fine a T-Pain homage as “I’m on a Boat”). For the band’s current tour, which wraps up next month before they join LCD Soundsystem in Europe, Yacht has expanded from a duo to a quintet; actually, they’re billing the outfit as Yacht and the Straight Gaze, an auxiliary trio that includes Rob Kieswetter, Jeffrey Brodsky, and D. Reuben Snyder. Kieswetter opens tonight’s show in his Bobby Birdman guise, along with Amanda Warner’s one-woman electronic act MNDR.

Thu., March 11, 8 p.m., 2010