“World’s First Steampunk Bar” On the Verge of Bringing Live Music to Prospect Heights


Well, assuming they get their liquor license–a big if. Washington Avenue’s Way Station is poised to open as a regular music venue in the largely venue-less Prospect Heights zone, reports the Brooklyn Paper, but basically can’t until the city grants the bar a liquor license, the road unto which owner Andy Heidel describes as “Kafka meets Catch 22.” At the moment, the bar is limiting itself to one-offs, like a New Year’s Eve party this Thursday. But Heidel does have a tentative start date: March, 2010. It’s then that he expects to get a full liquor license, and thus begin regularly featuring live music. What kind? Unclear. Thursday features “the funk, pop, disco stylings of Discovery,” according to the paper. Despite the aptness of the description, it seems unlikely that the non-show playing, Vampire Weekend-affiliated XL band Discovery is the act in question here, since those two guys really don’t play out. But maybe not? [Brooklyn Paper]