Punk band reunion tours are each unique . . . but not like snowflakes, more like small-town Fourth of July parades, in that it’s a constant trade-off between reassuring familiarity and the flinching overcompensation of old people with streamers. The Cro-Mags should fare better, or at least fall toward the former; the hardcore kids of 1986’s squalling standard Age of Quarrel have been fighting internally since their last record, Revenge (2000), and that alongside the contentious last decade will surely stoke singer John Joseph into renewed fervor when he sings, “The way things are going, they can’t be going far” (Age’s “World Peace”). Then again, Joseph is also the only original member still on deck, and there’s a lot of legal wrangling over who owns the Cro-Mags’ moniker (how punk). But last year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest gig was properly volatile, all spit and fuck-vein epithets; we choose to believe in this incarnation. With Razorblade Hand Grenade, Death Threat, and Last Call Brawl.

Tue., Dec. 29, 7 p.m., 2009