Jerry Fuchs in 2007: Members of Turing Machine, !!!, and Maserati Praised the Drummer When He Was Still Alive


Jerry Fuchs, the beloved Brooklyn drummer whose death this weekend has inspired an outpouring of memorials and warm remembrances, solicited the exact same sense of awe, respect, and love when he was still alive. Fuchs was the subject of a profile in this paper back in 2007, pegged to very little except the drummer’s then somewhat unknown ubiquity and virtuosity. Fuchs was loved. !!! vocalist/percussionist John Pugh, Turing Machine’s Justin Chearno, and Maserati guitarist Coley Dennis all praised the drummer to writer Nikhil Swaminathan, who also spoke to Fuchs himself. “I stand to be home for no more than two days at a time,” he told the Voice then. “I don’t like to sit still.”