Leonard and Cliff are merely two sensitive blokes looking to get laid. Their plan: host a dance night, call it Feeling Gloomy, and spin dreary New Wave to a crowd of Debbie Downers. Now, that’s what we call a party! Seriously, though, DJs Leonard and Cliff hail from the capital of gloom—London—and, for the first time, are bringing their popular dance party to the most depressed individuals of all: New Yorkers! DJ Grim Reaper (how fitting) will also be spinning, promising a sad-bastard mix that includes the Smiths, the Pixies, the Jam, the Scissor Sisters, Joy Division, the Cure, the Clash, Barry Manilow, Nirvana, Abba, Jacques Brel, Dr. Hook, Glasvegas, the Specials, and Kate Bush. Len and Cliff want us to remind you to bring a hankie. Did we mention both these dudes still live with their parents? Tragic.

Thu., Oct. 29, 9 p.m., 2009

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