Dept. of Be Careful What You Wish For: The Annex Is Now the “Doghouse Saloon”


We were not the only ones to grumble about the Annex, whose off-brand booking practices and sullen bouncers never quite coalesced into a place in which you might actually want to spend any time. But at least it was a venue, that booked bands on occasion. As opposed to what it is now: The Doghouse Saloon, elegantly summed here by Bowery Boogie:

    Proclaiming themselves “drinking consultants,” this new frat-hole replacement allegedly has ten TVs, free hot dogs until 4 am, and holds regular beer pong tournaments. And of course, lest we forget, the monthly “Bikini Beach Party.”

The logo for the new spot is pretty immortal too:

Ladies and gentlemen, your ever-improving Lower East Side!

Annex Replaced by Doghouse Saloon at 152 Orchard [Bowery Boogie]