The Conde Nast Crunch Is On


As you know, Conde Nast publications has brought in McKinsey & Co. analysts to tell them how to trim budgets in order to make things a little less Nast-y in this economic climate.

Well, the latest rumor is that they’ve been advised to fold five titles! I pray this isn’t true, since no sane person rejoices about more unemployed journalists–and I don’t either–but on the off chance it’s for real, I wonder which C.N. mags people could least heartbreakingly live without.

Certainly not Vogue, despite its having gotten almost as thin as its models.

And surely not Vanity Fair or The New Yorker, which give good culture under the hairdryer.

So which are the most disposable in a crisis?

Conde Nast Traveler? (Nah, this I need. I don’t go anywhere, so I want to at least read about other places.)

Glamour? (It’s so wrong for me that I find it perversely required reading.)

Details? (Every word and photo is so expressly gay, I just gotta have it.)

Golf Digest? (Not my most urgent read, I must confess, but I’m willing to clothespin my eyes open and give it a spin.)

Or Wired? (But I always liked the title because it sounds like a magazine for coke addicts.)

Maybe it’s Allure, Gourmet, GQ, or any other number of well meaning niche publications?

But I’ll have to go with Brides–unless they quickly come up with some special gay issues.