Brooklyn/New Jersey crew Real Estate are possibly the most August 2009 band in existence, a perfect mix of every indie-rock Internet trending topic. They’re a blend of the cassette-tape crunch of the (still?!) shit-hot lo-fi movement and the fuzzy beachwear Corona-punk of bands like Wavves and Best Coast. Plus, thanks to Matt Mondanile moonlighting as shoegazer Ducktails, they’ve got ties to moan-and-groan noise that British rock mag The Wire is inexplicably calling “hypnagogic pop.” In short, bloggers love this shit. And why not? Their skuzzy, earnest, surf-meets-indie-meets-dreampop plays the cool, dirty nogoodnik brother to the overachievers in Vampire Weekend—more content with PBR around a beach bonfire than champagne on the yacht. With Pill Wonder, Andrew Cedermark, Liam the Younger, Air Waves, and Beach Fossils.

Sat., Aug. 22, 5:30 p.m., 2009