Andrea Peyser Spreads War on Late-Night to Conan O’Brien; Jimmy Kimmel Seeks Non-Aggression Pact

The rightblogger War on Letterman, lovingly detailed here earlier, has opened a second front — against Conan O’Brien. And they’re bringing in the big guns — that is, the New York Post’s first-string scold, Andrea Peyser.

“JOHNNY CARSON is rolling over in his grave,” she begins. “Even the late Lenny Bruce is having a fit.” (Lenny Bruce? But he made fun of the Pope!) Not only is Letterman a “bitter guy who never saw a woman or a Republican he could stand” — hence, that constant awful look on his face — O’Brien emitted “a blast slurring women and Jews.” In other words, he made a classic Jewish joke — only, our research department tells us, he ain’t Jewish. This has Peyser’s husband yelling at the TV and Peyser yelling at us, mainly because TV comedians are soft on black people. “It goes without saying that if you change the races — make a ‘joke’ about African-American women or Latinas — you’ll be groveling at Al Sharpton’s feet before the show ends,” she says. So why couldn’t it be Bibi Netanyahu’s feet they grovel at instead? Or maybe cranks of all persuasions can form an alliance, and drive ethnic humor out of comedy forever. Think how much cleaner and more upright our laughter will be!

And the button? As they say at the Carnegie Deli, classic Peyser:

It’s war on white women, only this one is being fought with water balloons and whoopee cushions wielded by men who think statutory rape and racial slurs are funny.

I’m not laughing.

Of course you aren’t, lady — Margaret Dumont never does.


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