Gay American Idol Stars Brawl!


Was it really good for the gay cause last week when Clay Aiken–himself a rouged runner up on American Idol–blogged that the latest second-placer, Adam Lambert, sounded “contrived, awful, and frightening” in a clip he saw of Lambert singing “Ring of Fire”? Didn’t that highlight the worst kind of gay-on-gay hating–just the sort of jealous cattiness we’re not supposed to play into for fear of losing our shot at equal rights? Isn’t this a bitter ring of flamers?

Yes, and I loved it! I’m the last one who can criticize another gay for speaking his mind and putting down a new version of himself. Clay should have been this honest and forthright when he was ON the show. Of course his remarks were far from gentlemanly–as he must have realized when he then tried to softpedal them and vaguely apologize to Lambert–but they were super fun to read, and I pray the two divas end up battling it out in vats of chocolate pudding somewhere in West Hollywood.

In other talent show news, sources swear that Susan Boyle will play the Fortune Teller in Love Never the Dies, the Phantom of the Opera sequel that Andrew Lloyd whatshisname has been threatening for some time. Maybe Adam and Clay can help the lady wax her eyebrows in preparation.