Bill O’Reilly Gears Up For the American Idol Finale, Describes Adam Lambert as the “Might-Be-Gay Guy”


Take it away, consistently entertaining and always straight-shooting music blog Music Is the Heart of Our Soul:

    The O’Reily factor aired a special segment last night talking about “The Christian Influence on American Idol”, but it wasn’t about that, it was just another excuse to flash those controversial pictures of Adam kissing dudes.

For those keeping track, this is now the second leering show on this same topic O’Reilly has done. Anyway, let us now induct O’Reilly’s “might-be-gay guy” and “smoochin’-up guys on the internet” euphemisms into the kinda sorta might-be-homophobic pantheon of vaguely offensive things O’Reilly says every day of his miserable life.

O’Reilly – Christian Influence on American Idol? [Music Is the Heart of Our Soul]