Rush Limbaugh Calls Sound of the City “Some Magazine,” Says Janeane Garofalo Is A Liar


Our recent interview with Janeane Garofalo prompted a whole floating online armada of psychopathic crazies to take the apparently not-common-enough opportunity to unleash their finest “Janeane Godawfulho” jokes and other classy vitriol–evidently, there are a lot of angry people out there with some weirdly specific Google Alerts. This bonkers mob, not content to merely catcall, have now brought the matter to their fearless leader, Rush Limbaugh. Though he couldn’t bring himself to remember the name of this publication during his radio show yesterday, Limbaugh was sufficiently moved to offer comment. And, weirdly, to engage in some surprisingly detailed 24 folk history:

    Janeane Garofalo also said, some magazine, I don’t know where it was. She said that the producers of “24” asked her if she would like to meet me and Lynne Cheney when we made a visit to the set. And she said, “No, I have no desire to meet Rush Limbaugh or Lynne Cheney. I don’t want to go up and get my picture taken.” There’s a problem with that. I haven’t been to the set of “24” since she was added to the cast. The last time I’ve been to the set of “24” was season four, and this is season seven.
    Season four, Kim Raver was still in the show as Jack Bauer’s quasi-love interest, I mean to the extent that he has a love interest in this show, but she was nowhere around. The last time I was at “24”, the focal point of the show was CTU, Counterterrorist Unit. It all takes place in Washington now, at least theoretically. I haven’t been out there. Besides that, I would have never asked to meet her. If I were going to take a set visit to “24” now, I would make sure to do it on a day when they told me she wasn’t there. So she’s just lying through her teeth about this. And of course this got picked up by the entertainment press, and the entertainment press gave her kudos, “That a girl, way to stick it to Limbaugh and Cheney.” I have no clue what she could have been talking about because I haven’t been out there in years when they’re filming “24,” certainly not while she’s been a member of the cast.

And while we basically appreciate dude keeping our name off his show, and are sort of impressed that Garofalo has sufficiently gotten to Limbaugh to the extent that he’s attempting to avoid the comedian at all costs, as if she were a particularly vengeful ex-girlfriend, it’s basically unseemly that a guy who spends all day baselessly calling other people cowards would react so shrilly to being called one himself. Especially since, even as he righteously disputes her account, he basically admits that he would’ve done the exact same thing as Garofalo says she did when he visited the show.