Bill O’Reilly Last Guy On Earth Still Willing to Watch Random Videos of Rappers Smoking Weed


We won’t even bother to throw up our hands in outrage at Bill O’Reilly’s suggestion that Barack Obama deport Snoop Dogg for the crime of holding a blunt in the general vicinity of the rapper’s own Obama-by-Shepard Fairey t-shirt, so as to make it look like the red-white-blue presidential portrait is smoking weed. Instead, we’ll merely note that, as with Eminem’s crimes against Sarah Palin in a video no one watched more than once because it was so abysmally, irredeemably bad, Bill O’Reilly is the only guy still watching random 40-second clips of rappers doing nothing interesting on the internet. Fabolous is on Twitter, Bill! He spent all of yesterday asking where he could buy weed in Miami! Get with the moment!

Watch: Bill O’Reilly Hopes Obama Deports Snoop Dogg… [Daily Swarm]