Giuliani-Bloomberg Gun Suit Dies of Neglect at Supreme Court


Back in 2000, Mayor Giuliani (who, people forget, used to be very anti-gun) had the city bring suit against about two dozen gun manufacturers, charging that their negligence caused illegal guns to enter New York and kill people. Bloomberg, who is even more anti-gun, took the suit over from him, and over the years has defended it against all comers — including Giuliani, who tried to disown the suit when he was running for the presidential nomination of the gun-loving GOP. Alas, Bloomberg’s faith has gone unrewarded. The United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, dismissed the case, and today the Supreme Court refused to review it. Bloomberg says he’ll look at other options, which probably means his lawyers are afraid to tell him that there aren’t any. Maybe he can sue the heirs of Smith and Wesson. Photo (cc) Svadilfari.