Obama to bankers: ‘It’s a shonda!’ (Or words to that effect.)


You won’t see edgy Bernie Madoff-related work like this in U.S. mainstream papers, but New York’s own Jewish Daily Forward, as always, is up to the task of covering Jewish politics and news with a minimum of politically correct tiptoeing.

Above, an excerpt from Eli Valley‘s “The Shonda!” in the Forward.

Valley, sort of the Jewish version of R. Crumb, touts his work as “Ethnocentric Parochialism for the Whole Family!”

See Valley’s profile on, where I just discovered that, like me, he’s a huge fan of noir-era cinematographer John Alton. No wonder I like Valley’s work so much.

For more Madoff-related news that’s not of the cartoonish persuasion, go to the end of this post for my daily Gelt Trip aggregation.

But first, please note that Barack Obama isn’t being so politically correct either. Now in charge of a generally conservative country long dominated by profligate financiopaths, the nation’s first black president is chewing out Wall Street bankers and generally acting like some kind of goldurned liberal.

Watch your back, my brother. And tell the Secret Service to do the same.


N.Y. Times: ‘Senators Approve Health Bill for Children’

A newly empowered Democratic majority brushed aside objections with a bill to insure four million children.

N.Y. Daily News: ‘23,000 JOBS FACE AXE’

15,000 teachers? Gone. Rebates for homeowners? Forget ’em. And that’s just the tip of Mayor Bloomberg’s shocking cuts.

Bloomberg: ‘Hidden Bonuses Enrich Government Contractors as Taxpayers Pay $100 Billion’

N.Y. Daily News: ‘Not again! 4-year-old disabled boy abandoned on bus’

A driver and matron were arrested Thursday after failing to drop a disabled child at school and then leaving him on the bus.


President Obama delivered a blistering message to Wall Street yesterday, blasting the big-bucks bonuses doled out to fat-cat execs…

N.Y. Daily News: ’15 yrs. for ma who killed, dumped baby’

N.Y. Times: ‘Few Ways to Recover Bonuses to Bankers’

Wall Street Journal: ‘U.S. Eyes Two-Part Bailout for Banks’

Top economic officials are discussing new efforts to help banks while trying to mitigate the cost to taxpayers. Obama stepped up his attacks on these banks, calling Wall Street bonuses “shameful.”

Bloomberg: ‘Investors May Pour Billions Into Tide Power as Obama, EU Push Green Energy’

Three decades ago, engineer Peter Fraenkel created an underwater turbine to use river power to pump water in Sudan, where he worked for a charity. Civil war and a lack of funding stymied his plans. Now, his modified design generates electricity from tides off Northern Ireland.



N.Y. Daily News: ‘Workers waste no time erasing Blagojevich pictures, name from Capitol’

N.Y. Times: ‘On His Way Out, Blagojevich Makes a Day of It’

On his final day as governor of Illinois, Rod R. Blagojevich was, by turns, furious, morose and full of gallows humor.

N.Y. Times: ‘Suicides of Soldiers Reach High of Nearly 3 Decades’

At least 128 soldiers killed themselves last year, as the Army suicide rate surpassed that for civilians for the first time since the Vietnam War, according to Army statistics.


A former cop seeking line-of-doody disability pay for breaking a finger on an overflowing toilet is spit out of luck, an appeals court ruled yesterday.

Reuters: ‘Peres Says Israel’s Ties With Turkey Unaffected by Erdogan Spat’

CNN: ‘Alaska volcano “more energetic,” scientists say’



Three workers accused of raping underage girls at an acclaimed upper Manhattan psychiatric treatment center have pleaded guilty to misdemeanor endangering charges and will do no prison time…

Brooklyn Paper: ‘City budget whiz says Bruce’s Yards deal needs retooling’


He chased down a lunatic serial stabber in Times Square, and lived to tell a jury about it yesterday.

“I don’t know if it was more heroic or stupid,” former W Hotel doorman Adam Szpiler, 32, said of his bravery after testifying against accused knifeman Kenny Alexis, charged with attempting to murder three tourists and a cook in a 13-hour rampage in the summer of 2006.

Wall Street Journal: ‘Gaza Tensions Erupt At Davos Session’

Bloomberg: ‘DVD Plunge, Viewer Shift to NetFlix May Force Studios to Write Down Films’

N.Y. Times: ‘U.S. Says Jailed C.I.A. Mole Kept Spying for Russia’

Bloomberg: ‘Citigroup Guarantees Test Obama Pledge to Tell Public More on Bailout Risk’

U.S. government guarantees on securities totaling $419 billion for bank bailouts provide an early test of President Barack Obama’s pledge to be open with taxpayers about what they have at risk in the credit crisis.

N.Y. Times: ‘Bloomberg Will Seek Increase in Sales Taxes’

N.Y. Times: ‘M.T.A. Planning to Spend Stimulus on Fulton St. Hub’

The M.T.A. expects to spend $497 million in federal stimulus money to complete the stalled and over-budget Fulton Street Transit Center in Lower Manhattan.

N.Y. Times: ‘”Mourning” the M and R Subway Lines’

Transit advocates held a mock funeral to protest proposed service reductions on the M and R subway lines.

Wall Street Journal: ‘Europe Basks as U.S.-Style Capitalism Draws Fire’

Add another voice to the chorus of city officials who say that the city should renegotiate its deal with developer Bruce Ratner, whose Atlantic Yards mega-project is in jeopardy due to the economic crisis.

N.Y. Times: ‘Debate on Mayoral Control of Schools Is Renewed’

Onion: ‘Blagojevich Claims Behavior Was Just Elaborate Plan To Surprise Patrick Fitzgerald With Senate Nomination on His Birthday’

N.Y. Times: ‘Springsteen Promises High-Energy Halftime Show’


From the Post:

Start packing, Bernie.

Accused Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff‘s luxurious penthouse apartment — where he currently whiles away the hours under house arrest — could soon be up for sale, the Post has learned….

[Real-estate] brokers have been invited by lawyers working for Irving Picard, the trustee appointed by a federal bankruptcy-court judge to oversee the liquidation of Madoff’s Manhattan investment firm.

Picard presumably would use any sale proceeds to help pay back, at least somewhat, Madoff’s creditors.

Because he must remain inside the two-story apartment as a condition of his $10 million bail, Madoff will be in awkward proximity to brokers when they eyeball its four bedrooms, at least five bathrooms, kitchen and library.

N.Y. Times: ‘2 Banks to Send Madoff Trustee $535 Million’

Vos Iz Neias?: ‘Manhattan Banks Find $500M in Madoff Accounts’

Jewish Daily Forward: ‘Madoff’s Lawyer Plays Both Sides of the Court’

Wall Street Journal: ‘Ex-Merrill Executives Got Burned by Madoff’

Bloomberg: ‘Madoff `Dull But Steady’ Returns, Internal Probe Didn’t Alarm Notz Stucki’

Notz, Stucki & Cie., a Swiss money manager, probed and later dismissed concerns about Bernard Madoff investments, which offered “dull but steady” returns.