Schumer Tells Gillibrand She Will “Evolve” On Guns


We said last post that we’d leave the Gillibrand press conference when Chuck Schumer took the podium, but as usual Schumer forces us to pay attention. He just referred to Gillibrand’s record on guns (as everyone points out, she has a 100 percent rating from the NRA) and said that, as some conservatives have already predicted, in the Senate “her views will evolve to include the whole state.” (We couldn’t see Gillibrand’s face when he said this, but we assume it was as blandly pleasant as it’s been through the whole press conference, which is still going on and will probably last until Sunday.)

He offers for purposes of comparison his own experience as a boy from Brooklyn who, when he came to the Senate, “opposed all agricultural subsidies,” but has learned enough respect for farmers and the votes they possess that they now call him “the Downstate Farmer,” a usage entirely new to us.