Caroline Kennedy withdraws from Senate bid


Caroline Kennedy has retrieved her tiara from the ring. She’s no longer a candidate for appointment to the U.S. Senate.

Amid all signs that the princess’s coach was rapidly turning into a pumpkin, one of her minions issued an e-mail just after midnight saying she was withdrawing for “personal reasons.”

The New York media will be all over this like beans on rice, especially because the “personal reasons” supposedly include the deteriorating health of Uncle Ted Kennedy — and that explanation is ludicrous.

Anyway, you might want to start with a slightly more detached version of the stormy last few hours of the Kennedy scion’s ill-fated would-be reign. From the Washington Post:

The statement, released just after midnight, came after hours of confusion — and angry recriminations — over whether Kennedy intended to seek the appointment. Some New York media had begun reporting her withdrawal earlier in the evening, but Kennedy family confidants angrily dismissed the reports as smears aimed at undermining her chances.