Caroline Kennedy and ‘Daily News’ columnist Michael Daly: The princess and the pea-brain


Michael Daly‘s column has to be a put-on. If it’s not, then give him an “F” for fatuous.

In “Let’s make Caroline Kennedy our special envoy to Washington,” the self-serious Daily News scribe fights back his tears about Caroline Kennedy‘s withdrawal from the Senate appointment race and opines:

Maybe our mayor can now make her a kind of special city envoy to Washington in these difficult times ahead.

She will still have a deep connection with our new President, one of whose daughters now sleeps in Caroline’s old room at the White House.

Christ, at least make sure she votes a few times before we make her our “ambassador.”

I’m not attacking the Kennedys or rich people. Ever since Chappaquidick, Teddy Kennedy has worked hard in the trenches as a senator. And Jackie O took on big cultural battles, leading the successful fight to save and restore Grand Central Station.

Now we have a huge crisis on our hands. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers are being fired, and basic social services are being slashed, feeding a downward spiral.

There are a million fires that need to be put out — and I don’t mean the problems faced by Carnegie Hall, which is slashing its schedule and budget. Yes, that’s a shame, but stay away from that “cause,” Princess Caroline.

Do some public service before you’re anointed as our ambassador. If you have celebrity capital (and you do), then start spending it to help goad other rich New Yorkers (and there are still plenty of them) into helping their increasingly desperate fellow residents.

Do something noblesse before we oblige you.

As for Daly, one of his readers, hjo4, said it best in a cranky 7 a.m. post:

Special Envoy give me a break there are thousands of New Yorkers without the Kennedy name or connections who commit themselves to New York and NewYorkers whether it be our children in education, mentoring or being a role model or be it our Senior citizens they do this from their heart, they are the “unsung heroes” perhaps if you want to appoint a “Special Envoy” I suggest you turn an eye to one of those citizens I’m sick of people making those whose family fortunes was made questionably and off the backs of others still receive special treatment. Turn to the average Joe who does good deeds from their heart Those are the special envoys we need.

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