On track: Barack Obama’s conjunction junction


Can’t get enough of Obama’s January 17 train ride. Here it is again.

Even before today’s inauguration, Barack Obama‘s whistle-stop trip to D.C. brought the best of two worlds to America.

Besides being just a really cool thing to do — complete with speeches by the mellifluous new president to cheering crowds — that trip was truly astonishing.

As a Oklahoma boy who used to ride his bike to the train station to see the 8:55 Oil Flyer pull into Bartlesville in the ’50s, I would sometimes sneak into the “colored” waiting room just to try to soak up the inequality.

I did it when I thought no one was looking, and then I raced outside to take a quick sip at the “colored only” water fountain.

It’s not a protest if no one else sees it. I didn’t face danger. The worst that could have happened was a scolding by the stationmaster. Big deal. A black person who refused to sit in that waiting room and tried to take his or her place in the regular waiting room would have earned much more than a scowl.

Still, that was as much rebellion as I dared, and it wasn’t much, because I was overcome by fear — unlike Rosa Parks, who had to fight off mortal fear to risk the consequences. Nearly a century after “emancipation,” she dared to keep her bus seat on December 1, 1955.

And now there’s a black president? And he took the train to D.C. in a great, old-fashioned whistle-stop tour? That really is the best of two worlds and just as significant a victory for white Americans as it is for blacks.

No more separate waiting rooms. Black Americans aren’t being forced to ride out of town on a rail.

A black president is riding into town. The day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A conjunction that your imagination couldn’t have invented.

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The downfall of Bernard Madoff has claimed a far-flung, new victim: a plan by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to lobby Barack Obama at the inaugural festivities to be a vegetarian.

The animal-welfare organization viewed Mr. Obama’s election as a turning point. So when PETA saw that Mr. Obama would win the election last summer, the group began looking for a way to get an audience with Mr. Obama.

Unfortunately, the plan it cobbled together — which required bidding in an online auction and recruiting a former professional-basketball star/vegan — also involved an investment firm with ties to Mr. Madoff, the billionaire investor who recently confessed to running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

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