Georgia sludge lords Kylesa slime their way through town twice this week and their dual-drum, dual-guitar, punk-doom assault is not to be missed. Consider them the flag (pirate) ship of a motley gang of Southern hessian bands weaned on legendary NOLA act Eyehategod—a forthcoming doc featuring Kylesa, Slow Southern Steel, explores these south of the Mason-Dixon metal-iticians. Besides tonight’s off-the-radar tiny basement gig—alongside NYC’s stellar black-metal crew Black Anvil and Brooklyn apocalypse-bringers Tombs—they fittingly bring their alloy-reinforced hardcore to the Bowery on January 29, opening for infamous U.K. crust punks Amebix. Tunes from their new psychedelicized CD, Static Tensions, proves that enough spare change–purchased Robitussin will make you see God.

Wed., Jan. 28, 8 p.m., 2009