It Was a Great Year For Outing!


Actually, celebs came out all on their own in ’08–they didn’t even have to be dragged out, kicking and screaming, like they usually do. That saved me a lot of pulling, yanking, and washing off of blood, so thanks, gays!

Among the highlights of the year in celebrity closet busting:

*Clay Aiken not only came out, he produced a baby and reportedly dated a Spamalot chorus boy. No longer is he “Invisible,” to name a song of his when he had big hits.

*Lindsay Lohan kept palling around with mannish Samantha Ronson, and though they denied there was anything going on and her parents refuted it and her publicists pooh-poohed it, they finally had to admit this was indeed a love situation. When the two tarts were caught arguing loudly in public on a regular basis, it became clear that this was a solid relationship just like all the straight ones.

*Wanda Sykes stopped living on the down low, surfacing to speak with great passion about Prop 8. Can Latifah be far behind?

*And of course Ellen Page came out. Kidding. But she did keep dressing in a tomboyish fashion, went with her lesbian publicist to the Oscars, and kept me hoping for something to look forward to in ’09. I’ll meet you at the Cubby Hole, girl.