L.A.: Hot and miserable; Barack Obama: Cool and refreshing


A grownup is moving into the White House.

A president who reads. A president who talks. Boy howdy, can Barack Obama talk. He sounds like a regular person — a highly educated person, yes, but most of all, a sober and square fellow.

Change? It’s automatic, at the very least in style. For proof, see Steve Kroft‘s interview of the Obamas on 60 Minutes.

Good thing that Slate‘s Jacob Weisberg has other journalistic skills. For the past eight years, Weisberg has feasted on the malappropriate George W. Bush — see The Complete Bushisms.

You won’t see similar compilations of “Obamaisms.” Even the most reactionary Americans will have to agree on that.

On the other hand, Bush did set a high standard for his successor on September 19, when he stood before reporters in the Rose Garden to talk about Wall Street’s greed-driven, self-inflicted meltdown and vowed:

“Anyone engaging in illegal financial transactions will be caught and persecuted.”

Do it, Obama. Follow through on Bush’s promise to the nation.

Oh, and try to stamp out some of Bush’s other fires — the one he neglected in Afghanistan, the one he started in Iraq.

Hope you have more success than the firefighters in L.A.’s suburban mountains.

While the harsh, hot Santa Ana winds fan flames on the West Coast, a cool, fresh breeze from Chicago is refreshing the East Coast.


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