Daily Flog: Barack Obama — already a virtual star


With recession a reality, you might want to plot your escape into virtual reality. So unless your name is Rush Limbaugh, you could try Super Obama World. The BBC describes the free online game as “Obama collecting flags and dodging lipstick-wearing pit bulls, lobbyists and Sarah Palin.”

Right in the tradition of sub-genius Robert Carr‘s virtual surreality ancient-Mac game from two decades ago, Mormonoids of the Deep — “Trapped in town of Mormonville with only a suitcase nuke and a Colt .45 you must destroy the evil Yogsoggsmith before you sober up,” Carr’s still-active site explains.

Back in the real world, another racial barrier has crumbled. First it was lefty Obama. Now it’s righty half-Filipino Tim Lincecum, the San Francisco Giants pitcher who just won the Cy Young.

Lincecum’s yet another successful product of what the likes of dead Mississippi senator Theodore Bilbo used to call “mongrelization.” (See “Equal Rites,” Press Clips, November 6)

Rest in pieces, Bilbo.

Meanwhile, watch for the release of reality game Great Depression 2 . . .


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Transition chief John Podesta said Mr Obama would introduce “the strictest and most far reaching ethics rules of any transition team in history”.

He promised the “most open and transparent” ever handover of power.

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Super Obama World has Obama running round a world modelled on Nintendo’s Super Mario World.

The game takes a satirical look at US politics, with Obama collecting flags and dodging lipstick-wearing pit bulls, lobbyists and Sarah Palin.

The game is free to play online, and the developers plan to add further episodes throughout Obama’s presidency.

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