Daily Flog: Doom day — Election shakes, global bombings, massive firings


You can only pray that Tuesday’s election won’t be bollixed too severely by ridiculous voter-ID rules and other GOP-driven schemes designed to thwart democracy.

That is voter fraud, not the “voter fraud” that Republican operatives are braying about.

What’s scarier than the election shakes, the continuing financiopathic mood swings, a staggering loss of jobs (“Layoffs Sweep From Wall St. Across New York Area,” New York Times), and the hoarding of billions of dollars by hedge funds? A new wave of bomb blasts and bad behavior across the planet:

L.A. Times: ‘Suicide bomber penetrates Afghanistan government ministry, killing 3’

Irish Times (Dublin) ‘At least 29 die in bombings across northern Somalia’

BBC: ‘Chaos grips major DR Congo city’

Voice of America: ‘Serial Bomb Blasts Rock India’s Assam State’

And to top it off, we find out that many hospitals are doing a poor job of easing our pain. As McClatchy’s Robert S. Boyd reports, in “Adequate pain care sorely lacking for patients”:

Medical science has learned a great deal about the causes of pain and ways to relieve it, pain experts say, but for a host of reasons, the treatment of pain and suffering has improved hardly at all in recent years.

John Seffrin, the president of the American Cancer Society, calls this “a national health-care crisis of under-treated pain.”

Back to election bellyaching: Just the latest of many warnings come this morning not only on the macro level — L.A. Times: “Vote watchdogs warn of troubles on election day,” — but also on the local level — Evansville (Indiana) Courier & Press: “Voter registry concerns emerging.” Dateline Evansville:

Expectations of a record voter turnout Tuesday are being tempered by concerns about the accuracy of new registrations and whether local election officials are doing all they can to encourage voting.

The “accuracy of new registrations”? Some reporters mistakenly assume that the GOP-driven “fraud” propaganda points to a huge problem, but the second part — whether local election officials are doing all they can to encourage voting — is the real concern.

Meanwhile, some people even fear an assassination attempt on Barack Obama (cf. Martin Luther King Jr.). Paul G. Buchanan‘s essay — “Campaign Rhetoric As An Invitation To Violence” — via the New Zealand news site Scoop may be bloviated claptrap, but it’s interesting bloviated claptrap:

” . . . The subject is ugly, unthinkable in polite society, and impolitic to mention. That is the possibility of political assassination, specifically that of Barack Obama. Let us discuss it here. . . .

“In their negative campaigning, in the tone of their vitriol, in the repetition of false accusations and smears that lead their followers to believe that Obama is un-American, treasonous (for which the penalty under US federal statutes includes death, particularly in wartime), that he is a closet Arab, disguised Muslim, foreign born, etc., what the Republican campaign managers and their media surrogates are doing is something much more dangerous than trying to win an election.

“Elementary discursive analysis reveals the not-to-subtle cues to direct action embedded in the Republican campaign rhetoric. Put bluntly: by demonising Barack Obama, it is a subliminal invitation to murder. . . .”

Speaking of the devils, the Presidential Prayer Team — given God‘s well-known sense of humor, He/She definitely does not listen to entreaties from this donation-hungry crew — reminds us:

As we count down to the presidential election on 11/4, pray for God’s will to be done in our nation through the votes of citizens — that each one will consider the profound privilege and blessing of their vote and will cast it in a way that honors God.

Don’t get off your knees yet:

As dedicated intercessors gather at courthouses and public areas across the country for solemn assemblies and prayer gatherings on Sunday and Monday, Election Eve, pray for them as they meet, asking the Holy Spirit to guide and direct. Pray for safety for every gathering, for the powerful presence of God to graciously visit each one, and for many to be strengthened in their efforts. Are you aware of an election-oriented prayer gathering?

If not, you can do this from home:

Pray for First Lady Laura Bush as she celebrates her 62nd birthday with the President this weekend at Camp David; this year, her birthday falls on Election Day, 11/4. Pray for God’s richest blessings on her as she prepares for the next chapter of her life, giving thanks for the profound impact she has had for the past eight years, serving the nation and the world with strength, grace and dignity.

Yes, best wishes, Laura. Now get outta here. Seriously. Leave.

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“Hedge funds, and the thorny question of where they decide to do business over the coming months, could mark a turning point in the delicate balance of power between the two market capitals.

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