Daily Flog: Economy, Iraq missions accomplished, Bush finally tries Afghanistan rescue


It turns out that Hurricane Katrina — at least the Bush regime’s late reaction to it — wasn’t a once-in-a-century event.

After the administration let the economy and various wars veer out of control, the administration is wading into Wall Street to rescue bankers and thinking about rescuing homeowners. Now it’s even considering negotiating to rescue our troops from Afghanistan.

What’s next? A withdrawal from Iraq?

The Afghanistan situation is so serious that as the Wall Street Journal reports (“U.S. Mulls Talks With Taliban in Bid to Quell Afghan Unrest”):

The U.S. is actively considering talks with elements of the Taliban, the armed Islamist group that once ruled Afghanistan and sheltered al Qaeda, in a major policy shift that would have been unthinkable a few months ago.

But until late summer 2001, the Bush regime was muddling along in a generally uncontroversial way when the unthinkable (not to the regime) happened on 9/11. That tragedy unleashed the Bush regime on the world. So far, his administration has wrecked Iraq, made a bad situation in Afghanistan worse, and presided over a historic Wall Street crash that threatens the entire world economy.

That’s three exhibits right there for the new George W. Bush Presidential Libary being erected in Dallas. It would be nice if the libary put those three exhibits in the same hall, next to the Pet Goat Reading Room, which would display the August 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing with the same kind of reverence that real libraries afford the U.S. Constitution.

Bush’s job as president is almost finished; there are no more worlds to conquer us. Unless, as Mike Bloomberg has done in New York City, Bush’s handlers try to undemocratically erase term limits so he can serve a third term.

Is there a groundswell for abolishing presidential term limits? While you’re being pinned to the ground by current events, listen for one. . . .

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