Yankee Fan Builds Stadium Out of Legos


The Mets are in their now-traditional year-end death spiral, but the Yankees playoff hopes are officially nil, so their fans will need something to occupy their time. River Ave. Blues directs our attention to one fan who got an enormous head start: artist Sean Kenney, who has constructed a scale model of Yankee Stadium entirely out of Legos.

Kenney says that he started the project in February 2006 working with “a Manhattan grade schooler” whose identity and provenance is not revealed. Some details suffer from close inspection, particularly Monument Park, where the retired numbers are simple white plastic dots with blue plastic wedges for the plaques. But the effect from a distance, or from a psychologist’s point of view, is very interesting. We hope his next project will be Atlantic Yards; surely he can improve upon the woodblock version, and maybe even the real one.