Clay’s “Yes, I’m Gay” Revelation a Little Stale


Photo by Judy Butler

Clay Aiken‘s People magazine coverline–“Yes, I’m Gay”–came as a welcome relief (though I’m sure I heard some gunshots coming from pinheaded Claymates who are still convinced even Liberace’s straight). But it wasn’t exactly breathtakingly original, alas. Yes, a whole letter was changed from Ellen‘s legendary old “Yep, I’m gay” announcement, but couldn’t Clay and the mag have conspired to create something even more inventive? Couldn’t Clay have thought out of the box, as it were?

Some of the fresher choices he could have gone with:

“Yes, I Take It Up The Crapper”

“Yes, I Lied Like a Rug”

“No, I’m Not Straight” (subhead: “No, I’m Not Bi Either”)

“Yes, I Collect Dolls”

“Got Dick”

“Cum Whore and Child”

And of course: “Yes, I Needed an Excuse To Peddle My Baby Pictures”