Fork in the Road In Search of Great Cocktail Eats


I would love to find a cocktail lounge where the food is every bit as delicious and lovingly tended to as the booze. So I was excited to hear that Philip Kirschen-Clark, formerly of Jimmy’s #43, was now on board at Pegu Club and revamping the menu.

So this week, I’m eating (and drinking) at Pegu Club and Clover Club.

I sampled almost everything on both places’ menus, and there were a few completely wonderful, delicious dishes—notably the fried squid at Pegu Club and the shrimp toast at Clover Club. But the food programs at both are noticeably lackluster—and yes, I understand that they’re meant to be cocktail lounges—but it seems that there’s an untapped opportunity to open a fancy cocktail lounge where the food is just as good as the drinks.