Shower Gift of the Moment: Baby “Sleep Consultants”


Cool Mom Picks announces a consulting service that will help get put your baby to sleep. No, we don’t mean they’ll tuck it in and sing to it, though we wouldn’t be surprised. Dream Team Baby says it has a “unique approach to teaching babies to sleep through the night… based on consistency, giving children space to grow, and addressing parents’ emotional needs.”

Yes, it’s come to this: sleep consultants for babies. Still, having seen many mothers worn to down to nerve sheaths by colicky babies, we can see the appeal. If you don’t have to settle for internet tip sheets or your mother’s judgmental advice, why not call in experts?

Dream Team Baby offers packages for children up to 2 years old, and for expectant parents who want to get their baby-to-be into dreamland as if it were a Good School. For babies outside the New York Metro area, they’ll travel up to 45 miles, but after that your only choice is the “Telephone ‘Teach Me’ Package.”

You have to call Dream Team Baby to get prices, so it probably isn’t cheap. For the less-well-off, there are alternatives, and perhaps hope. The ever-growing list of things considered to be a human right will eventually have to include sleep, even for parents. Maybe then Jessica Seinfeld will organize a charity drive to get Dream Team Baby vouchers to working women. Dream, baby!