Trend Alert: Cougar Gals and Their Chickeny Dates



“Cougar” is the newish term for a woman of a certain age who adorns herself with younger men (or women)–a trend that’s so attractive to Hollywood types because to famous people, the idea of dating someone even two minutes older seems as irrational as painting on wrinkles. It’s sweet that finally the women are getting their share of the fresh flesh. But “cougar”? I guess it’s better than “crocodile” or “tarantula,” but the predatory sound of the name is a bit harsh. After all, when geezers like the Donald or Hulk Hogan or [insert name of any Hollywood male here] go for younger vajajay, they’re simply called “virile” and “smart cookies” (though many of us secretly gag a little). So I say yay Kim Cattrall, whom I recently spotted with a 20-something boyfriend who looked like an even younger Jason Lewis. And hooray Joan Collins, who always seems to dabble in some form of tenderized poultry or other. These ladies are simply summoning the nerve to go for what everyone wants and what a woman with looks, money, and fame can actually get—a dick that stays hard!