Frida Kahlo’s traditional Mexican attire, which she made all her own—from the long skirts to the ribbon-laced braids—spoke volumes about the Mexican resurgence in art and experimentation that took place in the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s, once the country’s bloody revolution had ended. Renowned photographers from around the world flocked to Mexico to capture this new era, and, of course, the colorful Kahlo was one of their favorite subjects. In Frida Kahlo and the Mexican Renaissance, Throckmorton Fine Art exhibits a series of these photos and images, including shots of Kahlo and her husband, artist Diego Rivera, at a peace march, and several taken by Hungarian photographer Nickolas Muray, including one of Kahlo that was used for the cover for Vogue. Other photographers featured in the exhibit include Paul Strand, Edward Weston, and Tina Modotti.

Aug. 9-Sept. 14, 2008