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Best movie theater grub


Going to the movies and not eating popcorn is like going to a BBQ and not chomping on the ribs. As we all know, the problem with this is that most theater food is disgusting— who really wants rubbery frankfurters, kernels covered in yellow sludge, or nachos with fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark cheese? Loews Kips Bay still has all these things (well, the hot dogs aren’t as rubbery), but they also have an actual “kitchen” featuring food from Nathan’s. Once you hit the upstairs concession stand (the one in the basement only has the usual, less-interesting fare), you have a choice between hot-dog nuggets ($6.25), a hamburger ($5.25), chicken tenders ($6), chili cheese fries ($3.25–$4), combos, and more. It’s still fast food, so the heart attack and heartburn factors apply, but it’ll taste and feel a whole lot better than those ubiquitous, overheated pretzels found in most cinemas.