What Does Clay Aiken Have in Common with a Drag Queen?


Don’t like the way Clay Aiken sings? Well, you’re a heathen with taste up your poopshoot! How about at least hearing the American Idol runner-up talk? Here he is in a brief “webisode” interview on whereby he says Spamalot—the Broadway campfest he’s currently in—isn’t about the music or the plot, it’s about irreverent humor, and he also talks about the making of his new CD, which hopefully ISN’T about irreverent humor. Two points of interest: The webisode starts with an ad for Aiken’s CD! That’s the totally uncomplicated state of web journalism in 2008! And though I used to say Clay looks like kd lang, all I can think of now is that he SOUNDS exactly like local drag star Lady Bunny!