How to Make Coffee at Home, From an Expert


Ever since we met Dan Griffin, the manager/consultant/director of coffee at Williamsburg’s new, super serious coffee-shop, El Beit, where I sampled their delicious coffee, my own morning mug has seemed lacking. So I got Mr. Griffin to give a few pointers, for us common folk who may not have access to the $11,000 machine he loves the most, the Clover.

From the master:

For making coffee at home several factors are key:

  • Always use fresh roasted coffee, between four to 14 days out of the roaster.
  • Don’t buy beans at the grocery store, get em’ from your local coffee shop, but only if the bags have roast dates.
  • Always use freshly ground coffee
  • Grind coffee with a burr grinder, not a whirly blade grinder.
  • Know the right grind size for your brewing method.
  • Experiment with dose (the amount of coffee used) to get your desired profile.
  • Use filtered water at just below a boil 
  • Use simple brewers: French press, Chemex, Eva Solo, vac pot, Melitta filter. Electric brewers don’t get the water hot enough and are inconsistent.

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