New Sandwiches Replace Old Sandwiches


We’re not sure why the space that was Daniele’s Piadina, on 22nd street just east of Sixth Avenue, was empty for two years, but a new sandwich shop is moving into its place. Ashby’s, a take-out place serving sandwiches and design-your-own salads, will be open on Monday. Ashby’s is a chain and previously had a location on 24th and Park Avenue South, until construction plans for a 40-story condo took shape.

When we passed by, Mark Bugzester, who designed the typography for the place, was supervising the placement of the vinyl decals on the glass front. He said that several people had stopped him that day to ask if they could get a sandwich or a coffee. Look at this place. Why are people so stupid?

64 West 22nd Street
(212) 228-7993