Sixpoint Beer Menu at Jimmy’s


If you are a fan of Sixpoint beers, as we are, you might want to reserve your Monday night for a special event at Jimmy’s No. 43. A beer-intensive pre-Valentine’s event will feature a menu inspired by/the Brooklyn beers. Several dishes use Sixpoint beers as a cooking ingredient.

Full details after the jump.

From Jimmy’s blog:

On Monday February 11, Jimmy’s No.43 will be hosting a pre-Valentine event featuring several limited, seasonal beers from Sixpoint Craft Ales of Brooklyn. Chef Phillip Kirschen-Clark will offer a menu of specials inspired by or actually prepared with The Belgian Style Triple, Scotch Ale, Guerilla Porter, as well as 2 cask ales pared with winter ingredients from the Greenmarket.

The Menu:

Baby lettuces w/beer pickled cherry tomatoes, radish sprouts, and sheep’s milk feta
“Bengali Tiger” I.P.A. and cave aged cheddar soup
Crab cakes with wheat beer aioli, frisee, and tarragon

Strozzapretti pasta w/ boquerones, pickled cherry tomatoes, and drunken goat cheese
Bio-dynamic barly “risotto” w/bosc pears and pecorino cheese
Miso and beer broiled “kampachi” (baby hamachi fish) w/ flageolet, and baby turnips

“Beer Mash” marinated pork belly ribs w/garlicy kale
“The Slab” Benton’s Tennesse country bacon with accoutrements
“Diesel” stout braised lamb shanks, yukon gold and marjoram puree
“Brownstone” braised oxtail w/heirloom carrots

Barley wine and toffee bread pudding
Triple apple crisp (fresh and hard cider, goldrush apples)

Chimay cheese
Epoisses cheese

Monday, February 11
Jimmy’s No. 43
43 East 7th Street
(212) 982-3006