New Fort Greene Gourmet/Organic Market is Open


Greene Grape Provisions, foodie sister of the Fort Greene wine shop, is officially open. We have long been surprised at the lack of good markets in this neighborhood, considering how many orani-yuppies reside there. It seems that Greene Grape is poised to fill the void.

EfV happens to have an informant who exemplifies the target audience, and is also quite a discriminating foodie. She is the mother of a really cute toddler who wears Vans, and a dedicated Farmer’s Marketer in the warmer months. She stopped by today and was excited to see that they stock Envirokids products, whatever those are, plus Balthazar bread and a good selection of fish, meat, and cheese. She said “They are still stocking up, but not a bad start.”

Here’s the store’s self-portrait:

We open at 7 am on weekdays and 8 am on weekends and stay open until 9 pm. Our fish and meat counters are currently open with a fishmonger and butcher available after 1 pm. The fish counter has organic Atlantic Salmon, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, tilapia, oysters, mussels and other fish. At the meat counter you’ll find New York strip steak, filet mignon, Bell and Evans organic chicken, organic ground beef, lamb chops, sausages, stew meat and deli meats from Applewood Farms. We are also serving coffee and espresso drinks and have daily deliveries of pastries from Balthazar and bread from Il Forno as well as pantry essentials like dry pasta, sauces, olive oil and vinegar.

If you want to lobby for your favorite brand of muesli or whatever, drop a line in their inbox:

[email protected]

Greene Grape Provisions
753 Fulton (near South Portland)
(718) 797-9463