Clemens is a Big Fat Juicer: Mitchell Report


How else to describe the rage in Clemen’s eyes when he hurled a broken bat at the Met’s Mike Piazza in the 2000 Subway Series.

Former Yankee hurler Roger Clemens became the first played to be connected with steroids and human growth hormone in the Mitchell report, according to various news organizations.

The report, according to the Associated Press, “exposes a ‘serious drug culture within baseball, from top to bottom,’ fingers MVPs and All-Stars and calls for beefed-up testing by an outside agency to clean up the game.” About 70 players are expected to be named in the report, which will be published online this afternoon.

The Daily News is also reporting that Clemens good friend Andy Petitte, who just signed a one-year deal with the Yanks this week, will be named in the report:

According to a source familiar with information provided to Mitchell, Brian McNamee, the longtime personal trainer for the players, gave the former Senate majority leader conducting a steroids investigation for Major League Baseball information linking Clemens to the use of steroids and human growth hormone and Pettitte to human growth hormone.