AC Newman on Rock Writers, Dan Bejar’s Dick


We know you all read Nerve for the articles, so where was the 60-comment slow-news post on this Q&A from AC Newman talking about Dan Bejar’s writing process (“I kind of write with my heart, and Dan writes with his dick, I guess”) and how his band gets called “nerdy”?

You’ve joked about being a nerdy band. Was the name a way to make you sound less nerdy?

You know, we never called ourselves that. It just happened. I think I’m to blame for the nerdy element. What’s funny is that [critics] who call us a nerdy band are infinitely nerdier than us. As if the writer is James Spader in a John Hughes movie or something. It’s been a dream of mine to start a website that has pictures of rock writers, with little captions that say, “Look at this asshole.” But if you’re nice, you stay off the list.

I’m nice.
Then you’re okay. You won’t suffer the wrath of my blog, which will be called lookatthisasshole.blogspot. I’m only after the people who shouldn’t be seen.

At press post time, the blogger account had not been claimed.

Update: Now it has. Thank God we’ve been a service to somebody.

P.S. Gonna make it easy on you, AC MJ/JH. Here’s SOTC’s mugshot!

[Nerve Q&A with AC Newman]