Anthony Bourdain Makes us Feel Even Better about Foie Gras


Last night, on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations Holiday Special, we got a mixed bag: part educational, part foodie fantasy land, and part goofy, indulgent “cool guy” time-filler. This is to be expected, but also, as usual, the educational and the fantasy parts overlapped, and made up for the random stuff.

In particular, we were very pleased to see the force-feeding of ducks at Hudson Valley Foie Gras, where Bourdain chatted with a veterinarian who explained why it is perfectly un-cruel to eat their delicious, fatty livers. The birds don’t choke when the tubes are inserted down their throats, because their windpipes are not obstructed, as ours would be. Also, he said that storing fat in the liver is normal for these guys, not a disease, as animal rights groups claim.

He even asserted that foie gras ducks live a less stressful existence than ducks in the wild! So basically, if you believe that guy, eating foie gras is no more wrong than eating any meat. Hooray.