New Dumplings at TKettle, BBQ Chicken Soft Opening


If you still haven’t sampled the dumplings at TKettle, you’re a damn fool. And starting today, in addition to the delicious “house” dumplings, which are filled with pork, shrimp, sea cucumber, and scallion, TKettle’s owner, Andy Pan, is adding two new offerings to the menu: pork and cabbage and vegetarian dumplings. We have tasted the pork and cabbage and can report that, like the house variety, they are overwhelmingly juicy, delicately constructed, and extremely tasty.

Recently, we persuaded Pan to bring us straight to the source: the master dumpling chef herself, Sun Le. On Wednesday, you can read all about our visit and check out some photos as well.

And now onto TKettle’s long-awaited little sister, BBQ Chicken, the Korean fried chicken joint that shares the Saint Marks’ space. Pan tells us Con Edison is ready to go, the kitchen is ready to go, and the staff is ready to go. The final inspection is scheduled for this Friday. If all goes well, there will be a soft opening next Monday, to allow the staff to break in the kitchen. This could mean free samples for all of us. Be assured, we’ll keep you updated.