Tome On His Hands



One of Colin Powell’s WMD trucks, seen here zooming through Iraq in a Jonny Quest-like scene, would make a fine Bush bookmobile, stocked with copies of The Pet Goat.

George W. Bush‘s triumphant trip to Albania marks the official start of the last phase of his tenure. He was already a lame duck, but his handlers had plans to revive his reputation. Now there’s nothing left but his legacy to think about.

For a president, that means a library. Even for a president who doesn’t read newspapers or PDBs.

I mean, the guy had to go to Albania to get a hero’s reception. My favorite take on this is John Kelso‘s column in this morning’s Austin American-Statesman, “Since Albanians Love Bush, Let Them Have His Library”:

In Albania, there were no protesters hurling insults at Bush like there were in Germany and Italy. Albanians even had huge pictures of George that they were showing off in the streets. And nobody had painted a mustache on them.

One Reuters news story said some Albanians were so glad to see Bush that they “kissed his cheeks and rubbed his head in delight.”

If somebody was rubbing Bush’s head in this country, they’d be giving him a noogie.

It seems likely that Dubya’s library will be placed on the SMU campus in Dallas. Too bad, because I agree with Kelso:

The other idea I had was to put the George W. Bush Presidential Library in a bookmobile and drive it around Texas. That way, it could be out of everybody’s town by sundown.

I’m one step ahead of you, John. Why not save some money, for a change, and use some of those “mobile production facilities for biological agents” that Colin Powell warned the world in February 2003 were roaming around Iraq full of WMD? After all, the Bush regime borrowed those trucks from Jonny Quest.

Dust off those trucks, Bush. Maybe you’ll be remembered as The Great Recycler.