Cred Sheet

Poor Graphic Design
The New Pornographers’ titanic struggle to come up with a halfway-decent album cover.
At least this one isn’t bright green and yellow.

This song will change your life
The New Pornographers’ “Myriad Harbour.”
Garish visuals aside, behold this slightly-less-cryptic-than-usual anthem from the wacky/beautiful Dan Bejar.

Sporting Trifles
Cleveland Cavaliers not named Lebron James.
Straight-up, fuck you guys.

Transcendent Concert Experience
John Doe at the Living Room Thursday night.
Splendid, but he really oughta give some thought to whipping up a solo acoustic version of “Johnny Hit and Run Pauline.”

Coif Medicine
The similarity between Rihanna’s hairdo while singing “Umbrella” on The Tonight Show and that picture of a pissed-off cat involuntarily wearing a cut-up lime as a helmet.
Enough with the bangs.

Wistful Reminisces
Revisiting Peppers and Eggs, the two-disc comp of music from The Sopranos, while in mourning.
Alas, no Defiler.

Great Moments in Fake Bands
Funniest fake band in history, Spinal Tap excepted.

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