World Enough and Time


Tango Porteño
Sundays, 7 p.m.–midnight (minimum)
Pier 16, Manhattan

It’s free, it’s lovely, there’s terrific music, and no one cares if you’re too cool for it. Get your free tango, complete with lessons, with Tango Porteño at the South Street Seaport.

Montreal Jazz Festival
June 28–July 8
Montreal, Canada

This one’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. Organizers promise more than 500 shows in genres ranging from jazz to electronica. Wynton Marsalis ain’t the half of it, or even the tenth.

Mountainfilm Festival
July 6–7
Hunter, New York

Straight out of Telluride, this collection of utterly alt movies will make you feel like you’ve gotten off your couch and into that kayak, or up that mountain, or seriously into that environmental cause. It’s brought to you by the Catskill Mountain Foundation, home of groovy classes, classy performances, and a garden you can pay to work in.

The Village Voice Seventh Annual Siren Festival
July 21
Coney Island

Even before the lineup is announced, music kitties the world around mark their calendars for this feast of bands that matter. The roster for 2007 includes the New York Dolls, We Are Scientists, and Lavender Diamond. At least five or six billion people show up for this boardwalk bacchanalia. Don’t miss your 81 square inches of heaven. Your mama says bring earplugs and sunscreen.

The Abstract Impulse: Fifty Years of American Abstraction at the National
Academy, 1956–2006
Opens August 1
1083 Fifth Avenue, at 89th Street, Manhattan

Whether school’s out for summer or forever, you can still get smarter. Check out a half- century of American abstract art at the National Academy. Afterward, wander into Central Park for a frozen lemonade and a chance to cool your brain in the shade of a London plane tree.

Glimmerglass Opera
Season opens July 7
Cooperstown, New York

If you’ve got the patience for a four-hour car trip, check out the offerings at the Glimmerglass Opera in Cooperstown. The performance hall sits on the shores of Otsego Lake, an unfathomably lovely body of water that’s shaped like Manhattan but bears no further resemblance to our island home. This summer finds Glimmerglass heavy into Orpheus; tickets are already running short. Take in some high culture, and have the Baseball Hall of Fame for dessert. You’ll be glad you came.

Keep Walking
Outside Your Door (free)

Led by the fearless Cy Adler, the Shorewalkers club traipses all over our watery city and its outlying environs. You can hoof it with the others, doing the urban pastoral Harlem River circuit or the clang-and-bang hike along the No. 7 train route in Queens. Or you can take Mr. Adler’s Shore Trail up the Hudson River. Start at the Battery, in Washington Heights, or anywhere in between. Head for the George Washington Bridge, cross on the north side, turn right into the Palisades Interstate Park, and find the terrifying stairs to the bottom of the cliffs. It’s seven beautiful riverine miles north to Alpine and the commuter bus home.