Wolfie’s Stock Soars


The price on Paul Wolfowitz‘s head is skyrocketing, according to the latest trading on his resignation on Here’s the graph:


Action’s intensifying on the Wolfowitz “resignation contract” on This particular bet is that Wolfie will resign by the end of June. Keep checking before you commit any money.

The other day, Foreign Affairs [Correction 5-8-07 12:55 p.m.: Actually, it was Foreign Policy, not Foreign Affairs.] published a spoof by Kenneth Rogoff on insider trading on Wolfie’s resignation. But the action on is no spoof. And things are jumping. Capitalism can be so much fun.

Wolfie’s final daze is not so much fun for him. A deal is cooking, as we speak, for him to leave and for Europeans to likely forge more power in selection of future presidents. Your best source on this breaking news is, where Alex Wilks has a thoughtful piece laying out the inner political turmoil and deal-making at the World Bank — plus the latest on the exit of Wolfie publicist Kevin Kellems.

The din at the bank HQ in D.C. must be so loud that vibrations are reaching the White House, which is only a few hundred feet away.